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European Elder - Sambucus nigra - Purple-Black Leaves

I chose this Elderberry not just on its own merits, but also because of its setting and its companions. The flat-topped clusters (called 'cymes' by botanists and gardeners looking for Scrabble words) of slightly fragrant very light pink flowers cover the plant in late May and early June, for up to two weeks depending on the weather. This is followed by a summer of very nice dark purple foliage. In the fall, the dark blue or very dark purple berries are an added bonus, if you get to view or even pick them before the birds, squirrels or other wildlife get to them.

There are a couple of dozen species within the genus Sambucus, including the native American large shrub or small tree, S. canadensis. This species has a huge range for most of the East Coast from Nova Scotia south to Florida, and west to the Mississippi River and even beyond. It's a very important food and cover source for many types of native birds and other wildlife, and also provides more than one rustic vintner the wherewithal to ply his or her trade. The genus name is from the Latin word for the European species, possibly deriving from the name of a stringed instrument, the sambuca that was made from elder wood.

Our plant is now about eight feet tall with a spread of about six. Growing in light shade, it will even-
tually reach about twelve to fifteen feet, with a spread of ten or so. Planted in well-drained average garden soil, it does best when it is not overly stimulated with fertilizer or rich soil. This condition encourages lush growth, which is more susceptible to some of the fungal problems that bother the plant. I would plant this and all Elderberries in full sun, given the choice, to encourage greater flower set and to ensure a darker purple color of foliage through the summer. Pruning may be required only to remove dead, diseased or infested wood (borers can be a problem), but pruning can also be done to keep the plant to a smaller size. Make sure to do this formative pruning after flowering, or you will be sacrificing flower for shape for at least a year.

Elder is a mixed bag as regards the cultural significance in Europe. Connected with several deities
from Scandinavian Hulda, Freya and Frigg, as well as the German Dame Holda, all of which were Earth Mother types, this plant has been connected with both death and birth. This may have something to do with the fact that most parts of the plant are poisonous, except for the fruits and flowers. This duality plays itself out in other ways: a small cross made of elder wood placed on the outside of a barn was thought to protect livestock, while elder was also closely associated with death, witchcraft and unluckiness. The cross upon which Jesus was killed was elder, and it was the tree in which Judas hanged himself.

The somewhat leggy appearance of a mature Elderberry makes it an ideal choice for the back of the shrub border, perhaps planted in a pot or grouped en masse. The dark purple color of the leaves of this variety in summer make it a good foil for more normal green leaves, and adds real zest when coupled with white variegated foliage. The flat and somewhat horizontal nature of the cymes of fragrant flowers is a great contrast to the upright spikes of Iris flowers, which is what is growing near our plant. - Eric Larson

[21] Benefits of Elderberry (Sambucus nigra)

Adding on to last weeks video where I talked about immune boosting supplements I take to keep my immune system strong (
), here is a deeper dive into the benefits of elderberry and why I pretty much take it every single day.

I prefer either organic elderberry syrup or I reach for a elderberry capsule if I'm more in the maintenance phases. Both work great, its just going to come down to personal preference.

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Benefits of elderberry: Could it really boost your immune system?

Elderberry is all the rage during this cold and flu season - but what is it, and can it really help boost your immune system? Master herbalist Sara Chana gives us the lowdown on elderberry and all the elderberry products you can get.




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