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[제품리뷰] 녹음기 최강 tascam dr-40 리뷰/사용법

안녕하세요. 공복오빠입니다.
이번 영상은 제 주변 음성학자들이 가장 많이 쓰고 있는Tascam DR-40제품 리뷰 영상입니다. ASMR하시는 분들이 많이 사용하시더라구요.
저도 추천받아쓰는 제품인데,
영상을 준비하면서 제가 기존에 사용했던 기능들 보다 더 많은 기능 있다는 걸 느꼈습니다.
기능이 많았던 만큼 영상을 준비하면서 많은 시간을 할애하였습니다.
(휴... ㅋㅋ..)
이 제품을 사용하고 있거나, 구매를 고민하시는 분들이 영상을 시청하고 도움이 되시 길 바랍니다


□영상 목차
■Intro00:20 Data와 Recorder

■Tascam DR-40제품 리뷰
01:40 제품구성
2:20 녹음기 외부 구성(Button)
09:59 전원 On/Off, Format
12:23 녹음 관련 기능 조작 : 녹음 준비(대기), 녹음설정, 녹음
23:21 재생 관련 기능 조작 : 재생목록 확인, 재생 설정
25:34 빠른 설정(홈에서)
27:22 빠른 설정(녹음준비/대기에서)
29:38 그 밖의 기능 : Auto tune(악기튜닝), 현재정보확인, 녹음 및 재생 효과, 날짜/시간 설정, SYSTEM설정
31:22 외부(컴퓨터)와 연결

*기능 Point
19:21 Scale Input Level(마이크 입력 소리 조절)
19:52 내장 스피커 On/Off
20:25 내장 스피커 소리 크기 조절

01:22 Zoom 사장님께

Tascam Manual

김민선 : 네잘듣고갑니다 편집이깔끔하네요.
펄슨' 쓰 TV : 뒤에 책들이 친근합니다.
먐먐미 : 스테레오로 녹음하고싶어서 스테레오로 설정을했는데 좌우구분이 안돼요 ㅠㅜ 영상 잘보고갑니다!!
공복오빠 : ^^

ASMR TASCAM Best Triggers for Sleep 3Hr / 最高の睡眠へ誘う TASCAM 最強トリガー (No Talking)

This video is Part 3 of the TASCAM DR-40 version of Brain Tingling Mic Exploration✨

In addition to the new triggers, some of the popular triggers in the videos in Part 1 and 2 are included (tapping, scratching, ear cleaning, brushing, etc ...)

(The preview of this video is very long)

This video has 3 hours, so it is suitable not only for sleeping and relaxing, but also for use in the background of work and study

○ ZOOM H6 version
ASMR Brain Tingling Best Triggers for Deep Sleep 3Hr (No Talking) / 深い睡眠へ誘う 脳がゾクゾクする最強トリガー 3時間:

00:00 Preview
07:27 Start
07:33 Mic tapping
14:56 Mic touching
19:59 Decoration ball
26:54 Wooden spoon Tapping, Scratching
35:52 Cork tapping
40:43 Urethane sponge
42:57 Touch the microphone with urethane sponges
46:05 Touch the microphone with a fluffy thing
52:00 Coaster tapping
56:08 Coaster scratching
58:16 Test tube tapping
1:03:13 Soft silicone ear pick
1:09:33 Wood block (cylinder) Tapping
1:12:48 Paper cup Tapping
1:16:18 Paper cup Scratching
1:18:09 Felt Scratching
1:23:27 Sponge mic cover + Plastic wrap
1:27:20 Sponge mic cover + Plastic wrap + Hot Scrub Gel
1:31:54 Powder puff
1:36:50 Silicone cleansing pad
1:45:15 Felt + Cotton swabs
1:50:07 Fluffy mic cover + Makeup brush1
1:54:17 Silk cocoon balls + Fluffy ear pick
1:59:44 Woodball Tapping
2:03:31 Sponge mic cover + Soft silicone ear pick
2:05:32 Mic brushing1
2:09:32 Confetti balloon
2:14:37 Plastic cup
2:19:11 Fluffy ear pick
2:25:46 Sponge mic cover + Tinsel (Pipe cleaner)
2:27:25 Mic brushing2
2:32:15 Mic brushing3
2:36:00 Touch the microphone with cotton gloves
2:40:04 Silk cocoon balls Scratching
2:42:35 Prism tapping
2:44:11 Fluffy mic cover
2:48:27 Felt + Stainless steel ear pick
2:51:28 Sponge mic cover Brushing1
2:55:35 Sponge mic cover Brushing2
2:58:38 Sponge mic cover Brushing3
3:00:36 Sponge mic cover + Disposable Ear Cap
3:03:34 Fluffy mic cover + Makeup brush2
3:05:36 Sponge mic cover Scratching
3:08:58 Sponge mic cover Tapping
3:10:35 Fluffy mic cover + Fork
3:12:29 Makeup sponge
3:14:37 Cotton swabs

Thank you for watching :)
I hope you have nice dreams

Coromo Sara.

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xXMaddieMooXx : When I put my ear agenst my tablets speaker I COULD LITERALLY FEEL IT
It put tingles down my spine
Бухой Батя : Ищу русских
shs kwt : ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
째리 : Where are you from?
りり : とにかくお爪がお綺麗すぎる……

Tascam DP008EX How To Record, Mixdown, and Master

A HowTo video for the Tascam DP008EX Digital Portastudio... quickly runs thru all the steps required to record, mix down, master, and finally export a song to a WAV file that you can import into a computer.
William Alexander : Is the panning automation coming through in this video? I'm having trouble hearing it.. and the panning adjustments Im recording in mixdown mode aren't being remembered either..
Franciszek Wieczorek : Is it possible to transfer, for example 8 guitar tracks, to a computer program (e.g. audacity) and continue working on these 8 tracks there?
Electric Eel Entertainment : Thanks for the straightforward video
Christopher McBurney : Great job brother, thank you.
RunWithTheLight : Thank you!




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